Remote Monitoring and Management’

Remote Monitoring and Management’

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Managed IT Service Providers, aka outsourced IT companies, take on a lot of responsibility when becoming the technical team for an organization. As a result, MSP’s must responsibly manage their customer’s tech infrastructure. There will always be items that pop up, but there has to be high levels of proactive monitoring in place to truly deliver top notch service. There are a myriad of tools and methods in which MSP’s can achieve this, but the one way we will discuss here is by the use of a Remote Monitoring and Management tool. We will discuss some of the items that can be done by the use of an effective Remote Monitoring and Management tool.

“Remote monitoring management (RMM), also known as network management, is a type of platform designed to help managed IT service providers (MSPs) remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks and computers. This is also now known as or referred to as remote IT management.” Source

Currently, it can be difficult from an ethical standpoint to invite a series of strangers into your place of business, potentially exposing your employees to people who may or may not have been exposed to COVID-19. IT can be complicated. If you don’t have a team on-site, it can be even more complex. This is where CNI’s use of an RMM tool comes in.

MSP’s utilize an RMM platform to support small to medium businesses who can benefit from enterprise-level automation and monitoring for a couple of reasons. Namely, that this level of expertise and hands-on tinkering isn’t readily available to most small or local businesses. If you don’t have a full IT department, this is the advantage. You have an entire department at your fingertips, and they don’t even have to be in the building. These software platforms can detect issues before they cause crises or critical system failure, even if you aren’t in the building or are busy with something else. This allows our team to focus on the systematic management of clients’ IT requirements, while you focus on running your business. Managing an IT environment made up of laptops, desktops, servers, smartphones, etc. is challenging. It’s even more difficult to manage several disparate environments spread across an entire country or continent. Tracking thousands of IT assets can turn into a nightmare, and setting up a client location visit to troubleshoot each issue is not ideal.

The benefits don’t end there. Constant observance and maintenance ensure optimal network stability, allowing your system to function as intended which all but ensures better end-user satisfaction. It doesn’t matter what your business is based on, certain elements need to be carefully tended to and fixed.

The RMM tool CNI utilizes gives us a diagnostic readout of your hardware and software, which is like a telehealth doctor appointment except we can actually see what’s going on inside of your machines. However, enough theory. Practically speaking, how does CNI utilize our RMM tool to help you specifically?

Complex IT Issues
Our RMM tool allows us to detect IT issues before you notice there’s even a problem, which can prevent ripple-effects from affecting other elements of your business.

Wasted Time
While the problem is fixed before you notice, it’s also fixed without going through a command chain or approval. Once you give us access to your machines, we treat them like they’re our own, namely because they are, and you’re paying us to do so. Downtime is a huge threat to businesses. It leads to a huge loss of money and your customers lose trust in the services you provide. When your systems go down, your employees lose access to all of their data including emails and software they use to perform their jobs. Meanwhile, you are paying for employees, buildings, and no productivity. Customers will be unable to contact you and you will not be able to meet their expectations. There can be many reasons you lose access to your servers but if you don’t keep watch over them, you won’t be able to stop it before it happens. We are able to utilize our RMM tool to watch your servers 24/7 and are able to address any issue that causes downtime… in addition to other measures.

Limited Manpower
This allows your IT department to keep their minds on the task at hand, instead of dealing with somewhat mundane issues that take attention away from more important things. Recently, a telemarketing firm closed its doors and threw 300 people out of work after a ransomware attack, all because they weren’t keeping their software and virus protection up to date. This shows the limitations and potential pitfalls of having a small IT department, but it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. This is what CNI is all about. Namely, augmenting your already existing IT staff without own highly trained experts in the field. We know what small businesses need, so while you may have limited manpower, CNI does not, and we’re ready to lend you a hand.

Outdated Systems / Security
We keep your software updated automatically. This further frees up staff, but it also keeps you safe from potential attacks. In a previous blog, we talked about hackers that take advantage of day-one vulnerabilities, which are usually patched up quickly, but sometimes not quickly enough especially if you aren’t in the office. CNI takes care of that by always keeping your software up to date, protecting you from potential attacks. Security is a top priority for businesses. Dealing with sensitive business and client information means that you have to make sure that data is not lost or stolen. Security issues can damage your reputation and you’ll lose customers because of it. Security issues can also contribute to your downtime and leave you backpedaling to fix mistakes. Our RMM platform will monitor your systems and make sure that all threats are stopped in their tracks. You will have peace of mind that your data is secure and that you will not lose important information. Having the right security is important to keep your company from lost data.

Loss of Business
Finally, the consistency that you’ll have will prevent loss of business. Customers have a short attention span, and if phones are down or your website isn’t working properly, they might move on faster than you can fix the issue. We step in and speed up the process, giving a higher level of consistency to your customer experience. You don’t want to lose productivity in your business. Your business only grows if you are growing it and that can’t be done if you aren’t producing.

If this sounds like the kind of service you want as part of your IT package with CNI, talk to us and find out how this is just one of the many ways that CNI Solutions can help your business today.

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