What are outsourced IT services? (and how can they help a remote workforce?)

What are Outsourced IT Services?

a.k.a ‘Managed IT services’

Information Technology (IT) is important. This should seem like an obvious and ridiculous statement, but it’s more complicated than you might think. Regardless of how important you might think it is, many companies do not have properly staffed IT departments, and the results speak for themselves. Look at the amount of breaches and cataclysmic data leaks that happen on a near daily basis. People might think IT is important, but they often don’t know how important it is until it’s too late. Sometimes, your own IT team needs a third set of eyes to look at their process. This is important both for the synergy of your business, but also the safety. Beyond the difficulty, it can be difficult to manage, which makes the problem more complex than you might initially think. This is where we come in. 

Outsourced IT puts your business’ IT in the hands of tenured experts.

(What is included in outsourced IT services?)

When you’re a small business owner, you don’t always have time to constantly be checking your technology. You have a family, or a hobby, or you just plain don’t know how. With outsourced IT services, we give you 24/7/365 monitoring of your technology infrastructure. Our tools let us keep up to date on your systems, and how they might be vulnerable to the latest attacks and malware that the technology world is aware of. We keep you on the ready against attacks, spotting a lot of vulnerabilities before they happen, and help create smooth interactions between systems.

Unlimited help desk support!

24/7/365 remote support. Need we say more? (We’re going to, but it kinda speaks for itself) We can remote into your computers and help resolve an issue instantly at any time, on any day. Don’t wait for your next staff meeting or consultation. Call us, directly, and fix the problem. Don’t wait, and don’t try to patch it up with some awkward free fix you found on google. Get one of our professionals on the line and in your system instantly. That is support you can count on.

Professional consultation on services and software.

If you aren’t staying up to date on the latest movements in the software world, you’re probably living in the past. Software is moving at a faster pace than ever before, and the knowledge necessary to figure out what works best for your company can take literal days worth of research. We help you find the best software and services that fit your organization. You need to know what works best for your company, your setup, and your system. That’s our job: Consulting on work flows, efficiencies, integrations, we have you covered. That way, you can focus on the aspect of your business that you do best, and we can handle the tech side. 

We provide all the services you would normally get with a full-fledged information technology department. Tech vendor administration, so you don’t need to be on the phone figuring out what went wrong with your customer database. Internet service provider, so you know you’re getting the best deal for your money. Email provider, because safety in regards to email is dramatically more important than most people think. Over 90% of malware attacks came through email, so making sure you have a secure provider is important. Sometimes, the software or services you have might not be working out. We help you to work smarter, not harder. Certain providers don’t always mesh well with other necessary software, and we can help create a custom system of software and services that fits your business perfectly. Don’t spend hours on the phone with your internet service provider trying to get some system to integrate with your website, let us do that on your behalf as your personal IT department. 

Keeping up with security trends can be a hassle, as the world of computer protection is always changing. Viruses become more advanced and target systems with new and advanced techniques. Sometimes, a functioning malware protection software program can be slowly abandoned by the devs, and forgotten by the company as they move on to other greener pastures, leaving you wide open. Sometimes, certain software programs can even be specifically vulnerable to certain kinds of attacks. Keeping up with the latest news on what to use is a job in and of itself. Fortunately, it’s our job. We keep you informed, and up to date. 

You will also gain access to senior-level technicians who can solve tech problems over the phone or in person. Experience is key with technology. Solutions will be fast and seamless, and you shouldn’t be googling web forums from 2004 with a user who claims to have a similar problem. You need someone who has seen this problem before, works with and around the problem on a daily basis, and can solve it quickly. 

How does this help with a remote workforce?

First and foremost, security. If you’re scattered across the globe and need help connecting your workforce safety, then we help provide the security necessary to handle complicated questions and scenarios that can arise when working digitally and remotely. The next thing we provide is efficiency. Sometimes you need another set of eyes on your patchwork array of systems and problems to help point out the choke points that could be holding your business back. We help securely set up communication between workers and the office, keeping data secure on remote workstations. We work directly with your employees to make sure they’re adhering to best practices so that you can focus on the bigger picture. By keeping workstations secure, you don’t have to worry about the fact that you aren’t physically together, making remote working less worrisome.

Account management. 

If your IT team feels overburdened, we can help. Sometimes, small businesses can’t afford a fully-fleshed out IT department, and that’s where we fill in the gaps in experience and knowhow. IT can be suffocating your team of their time and productivity, when there are bigger fish to fry in the market. We give you streamlined workflows, and a birds-eye view of your network so you can get back to being a business, and we can handle the messy stuff. Your team handles the day-to-day while we look at the big picture and help you to make strides forward that change the way you look at your business, freeing up important time to work on your goals instead of worrying about IT.

Does outsourcing your IT make sense for your business?

We keep your team up to date with the ever changing IT landscape, and work specifically with your custom needs. Not every problem has the same solution, and we can consult with you on how to help your business do what it does best. Do you handle sensitive data, and need somewhere to store it? Communicate your data digitally? What service do you use? How should that service integrate with your website? What are the safest options? All of these questions have different answers for each business, and we need to get to know you so we can answer them in an intelligent and informed manner. When businesses are first starting out, they often look for “best software solutions” on google, and while that’s helpful when you’re first getting started, the next step is consulting with the professionals.

If your team is struggling during these weird times, talk to us and see how we can help streamline your workflow, through outsourced IT. Contact Us